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What is typography? Typography is everywhere we look.

What is typography? | SS.Creation

What is Typography?

Typography is everywhere we look. It’s in the books we read, on the websites we visit, even in everyday life—on street signs, bumper stickers, and product packaging.

But what exactly is typography? Simply put, typography is the style or appearance of text. It can also refer to the art of working with text—something you probably do all the time if you create documents or other projects for work, school, or yourself.

A text is a se­quence of words. Con­sider the sen­tence “I like pizza.” I can print that text on a piece of pa­per, or read it aloud, or save it in a file on my lap­top. It’ll be the same text, just ren­dered dif­fer­ent ways—vi­su­ally, au­di­bly, digitally.

All vi­su­ally dis­played text in­volves ty­pog­ra­phy—whether it’s on pa­per, a com­puter screen, or a billboard.

For ex­am­ple, what’s the dif­fer­ence be­tween these two signs: the text or the typography?

If you talk about the typeface, your focus is on the end result, some type’s appearance and aesthetics in use. It might have come from a font, or it might not: hand-painted signs, graffiti art, comic lettering, calligraphy, logos etc can all have distinctive typefaces without fonts.

If you talk about the font, your focus is more on the product, the item or package that can be bought, downloaded or stored in a box, etc. That font is usually a package for a typeface, but not always: Wingdings, Chartwell and icon fonts like Font Awesome are fonts without typefaces.

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