S.S Creation Design Pvt. Ltd is one of the excellent registered companies where you can get creative designs and developments on the digital platform. We do ever change decoding for customer requirements to provide the best solutions that fit budget and time.

Our SS. Creation Design started on 3rd March 2014 in the field of graphic design and development with the name of SS. Creation by our founder and director Mr. S. Chandramouleesan. Continuing our graphic designing process up to 2016 with creative ideas and designing. Our main focus is to conveying the messages to our clients through imagery and buildup their brand’s identity as well as to support our clients in several ways in the digital platform.

In 2016, we planned to upgrade and establish SSTech as a part of our company to organize seminars and awareness programs. After organizing our SSTech we have organized our first awareness program at the Wisdom Technical College at Jaffna, all-around 500 students participated in SSTech program. Our SSTech organized awareness program not only in wisdom technical center but also in Higher National Diploma in Kurunagar and the University of Kelaniya with full and full technical related ideas and to share our experience with the students were obtained excellent feedback from the audience. Still, we are providing our SSTech services to 2000-2500 students.

Improvement of our company in 2017, our SS. Creation Design has launched a website with exclusive and professional standards. In 2019, we launched a mobile application called G-Bot used to learn graphic designs easily and effectively. We are having branches in England and Sri Lanka. Since 2020, we are the designing partners on IBC Tamil Germany for the Uravin Oli event, designing partner in Salesforce at Jaffna  and desiging partners in Climathon 2020 . Advancement of our company in 2020 SS. Creation is registered in England. Our SS. Creation is having 10-20 powerful team members with excellent project management skills. We have worked successfully with our clients in the fields of Graphic design, branding, web development, digital marketing, software development, social media marketing, branding, coding, and marketing expertise which gives us the capabilities of building Since 2014. A combination of talents uniquely supports our client’s needs, but we believe our hands-on experience and knowledge of building systems are the foundation for the specialized services we offer. Customer satisfaction is our motive and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

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